Bourbon Roast

infused blend 


An aromatic blend of specialty coffee beans infused with bourbon, bringing out the natural sweetness of the coffee with the spicy warmth of bourbon and notes of ruby grapefruit and molasses

At Island Grind Coffee we believe that great coffee brings happiness and fuels connections.



Single Origin 


creamy with notes of caramel & chocolate with a fruit forward finish

We are proud to roast our coffee locally on Aruba in a manner that is sustainable,
ethically sourced, of the highest quality, fresh and delicious.  


Whether you are brewing at home or dropping us a visit at our coffee shop, let us transform your favorite coffee ritual into an extraordinary experience.


Palm Beach 13a, Noord, ARUBA


Open daily from 6:30am to 8:00pm

Drive-Through, To Go & Sit-Down


WhatsApp for quicker service +297 699 9624